Oh, hey, I forgot to do one of these this month. Ah well, better late than never.

Twenty-fiveyears ago this month, Eternity Comics/Malibu Graphics published the eighth issue of Robotech II: The Sentinels, by Tom MasonChris Ulm, and John Waltrip.

The SDF-3 makes its fold to Fantomaspace, dragging the shuttle containing Lynn Minmei and Janice Em along for the ride. Shortly thereafter, Admiral Lisa Hayes-Hunter is informed that there are incoming alien craft — craft which Breetai and Exedore warn her are commanded by the Invid. Meanwhile, on Tirol, a pair of Invid discover a mysterious object, while Tirolian scientists Rem and Cabell study the Invid Hellcat they’ve captured. Afterwards, Rem is subjected to a history lesson in Zor's study.

A fairly talky issue, all in all, which really flags the relaxed pace of the series at this point. Ten issues total at this point (including the two-issue Wedding Special) — twice as many as the last three mini-series we’ve gotten — and only just now the SDF-3 has arrived over Tirol. It really could have stood to be a little, let’s say, punchier.

Just in time to be wildly out of date in a little over 24 hours (the SDCC ROBOTECH panel is tomorrow evening), a NEW EPISODE of THIS ROBOTECH THING, in which I discuss the Robotech Academy project & Kickstarter at length, as well as show off some toys I was disappointed by and throw a sad, sorry little bone to Robotech/Voltron. (If you’ve been following my reactions to the book thus far, you probably know what I’m going to say.)

Enjoy, and be sure to please, please, please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!

Anonymous asked:

So, what's your opinion on the seemingly never ending wait for the UEEF Marines Sourcebook?

It’s just bonkers, isn’t it? This thing has been in the works for YEARS now. But considering the subject matter, the Expeditionary Force mission, the folks at Palladium had to have been doing a lot of heavy lifting in fleshing out the cosmos and the organization and everything. Heaven knows Shadow Chronicles did a remarkably poor job in creating a properly robust “to the stars” setting. This is one of the reasons I’m hoping Robotech Academy gets funded and put out there — the universe beyond Earth is SO poorly developed in the current source material. I wonder if the fact that we do have a project set out among the stars is one of the reasons for the most recent round of delays; hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if noncommittal wishy-washyness around what is essentially the Sentinels setting on Harmony Gold’s part is one of the reasons this thing has been kicked down the road for so long now. The latest date is October, and I sort of wonder if whether or not Academy gets funded will affect that in any way — say, if they’ll need to make some minor revisions and allusions to that project if it is going to go forward.

shawnmx asked:

io9 has already put Robotech Academy on a list of "5 failed Robotech sequels." I get their point but they could've at least waited to knock the thing down based on whether or not it actually succeeds.

Yeah, I saw that. For those who haven’t, it’s here —> http://io9.com/a-brief-history-of-5-failed-robotech-sequels-1608968158

The author, Rob Bricken, is the same guy who wrote the io9 “Why Robotech is the Greatest Love Story of the 20th Century” article, and I think at least one more Robotech-related piece, so the guy clearly has a soft spot for the show and keeps an eye out for what’s going on with it. Part of me thinks he’s just being realistic, but I think what he was really doing there was twisting the facts so that he could realistically have a list of five. After all, he includes The Odyssey of all things, which as he points out was never much more than an outline in Carl Macek’s mind. If he wanted a stronger list, he should’ve just played the old “Failed Robotech Projects” card and trotted out Crystal Dreams. (On some level this would also open things up to the largely failed Matchbox toy line, which would have allowed him to play the Women of Robotech ad, which is always good for a laugh.) Likewise, if he’s lamenting the fact that Robotech can’t get its shit together for a sequel, pointing out a Kickstarter in progress in this context is not what I call helping. Who wants to contribute to a project that’s already being characterized as “failed?”

Ugh, ugh, UGH.

(FYI, on a barely-related note, as of this writing the new episode is almost 70% uploaded. Just thought you guys would like to know.)

Anonymous asked:

Don't know if you saw this yet. New video on youtube. Tommy and Tony Oliver are interviewed. Tony Oliver is identified as "Admiral Rick Hunter." He says something to effect of..."As the SDF-3 departs, the best and brightest children of the REF enlist in the Robotech Academy. Something happens and they have to high jack the Academy via fold drive to follow the SDF-3, and all this happens in he Sentinels timeline. Damn, I know HG sucks, but I want to see this!

My sentiments exactly. The Greg Snegoff video, with a cameo by Oliver at the end, was even more promising, though it downplays the Academy-on-the-run/kids-take-over-to-pursue-the-baddies thing that I was kind of hoping to see based on both the earlier video and a synopsis I’d stumbled across. The Snegoff video makes it sound like they only fold the once and then have to find other means of traveling across the cosmos. Maybe the Protoculture situation isn’t quite as dire as he’s making it out to be and it can pull off a few more folds?

Anyway, the real trick is, even if the Kickstarter succeeds, A) can Harmony Gold tap into enough talent to make this a solidly good pilot/series? And B) if it’s good, will they be able to find a way to bring the pilot to series? There’s a ton of variables in play, and if one thing goes wrong, we’re all gonna feel like fools for getting our hopes up again. I’m trying not to get too excited; right now, just crossing my fingers and hoping they hit their magic number.

Anonymous asked:

harmony gold are the worse at marketing! why did they have to take this long to show anything. all the updates and add ons should had been there in the first place but no, they waited when the kickstarter has lost steam and everyone has lost interest. dumb more mckeever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d love to know the timeline they laid out for getting this thing going, because, yeah, a lot of these decisions over the past couple of weeks — the add-ons, the images and videos they decided to roll out — appear to have been on-the-fly. I’m probably overthinking this, but I almost wonder if they’d initially planned to launch this at SDCC and then changed their minds and rushed things to launch at AnimeExpo.

The thing is, a lot of these add-ons are being rolled out when they are precisely because the thing is losing steam, in hopes of getting the folks who’ve contributed to contribute more. Over this past evening I’ve seen several folks upping their pledges in desperation. I expect to see more of that as the weeks go on, and especially in the last twelve hours or so. The thing about Kickstarters is, they usually sag in the middle like this. It’s very possible that there will be a surge towards the end. The worry is, right now, that it won’t be able to surge quite enough to hit the half-mil mark. But hey, we’ll see.

Anonymous asked:

They are bringing back RICK HUNTER! Awesome! Where is your show?

Rendering as I type this, uploading between sunrise and noon (CDT), available to view at some point after that.

Anonymous asked:

Have you thought about just making "smaller" videos? Doesn't matter the quality, people like what you have to say, you don't need to be so hard on yourself. Youtube is like Twitter in that it's a social media where you share little bits , like a toy you bought, or Robotech news you are excited about. Just share from your heart and your viewers will appreciate it :) cheers

Back when I was doing ten minute videos, back when that’s all the average user could post to YouTube, I always felt like I was racing against the clock and had barely gotten a fraction of what I wanted to say out there. Even posting up stuff that runs for over an hour I still miss some things I kind of wanted to bring up. I’m just naturally kind of long-winded when I get on a roll about something I’m passionate about — and, as I’m sure you can tell, one of the things I’m most passionate about is ROBOTECH. This is why I just spent an evening carving out tangents and asides to get the new episode as short as I could get it — and it still clocks in at over an hour. Yeesh.

As for being hard on myself, I’ve been trying to quiet those demons since at least middle school. Twenty years and I still haven’t gotten them to shut up. Sadly, I doubt I ever will.

Anonymous asked:

what-do-knowabout-robotech-acdmey-blues so-i-put-you

ACADEMY BLUES was a side story to RETURN TO MACROSS that focused on Macross Island’s Robotech Academy and, primarily, Cadets Lisa Hayes, Vanessa Leeds, Kim Young, and Rolf Emerson. That was the plan, at least. It wound up being kind of mopey — the narration would usually be Lisa writing letters to Karl Rieber — and never really escaped from RETURN TO MACROSS’s orbit enough to craft its own identity. It didn’t help that original artist Sean Bishop left by issue 2, and issues 3-5 feature really stiff, sub-deviantArt-level art. You’d think with a book like this you’d want to give it a very different tone, have it be about the girls getting into misadventures and chasing boys and learning how to crew a space battlefortress. Instead, the sort of grim terrorist stuff from RETURN TO MACROSS bled over, and in fact long after it ended one of its original characters wound up dead from a terrorist’s bomb in the BREAKING POINT: CADET LISA HAYES one-shot that capped off both it and RETURN TO MACROSS.

I genuinely like ACADEMY BLUES #0, and issue #1 isn’t bad, but the rest of the series is sorry misfire. Sad, that.

Anonymous asked:

inporit-qstion-will-robotech-acdmey-be-action/conady so-i-put-you

I doubt ROBOTECH ACADEMY will be any more of a comedy than any other part of the series. The original series could get goofy at times — see Ben Dixon’s loudmouthed bravado, the Zentraedi spies’ inept attempts to blend in with the citizens of Macross City, Dana wheeling out a Battloid with bunny ears, and most of Annie’s flirtations — but that didn’t make it a comedy. (Most importantly, a lot of these attempts at comedy don’t really work, though somehow it doesn’t hurt the show that much.) Especially in the wake of THE SHADOW CHRONICLES managing about the same tone (Alex Romero was like a more likable Ben Dixon and Louie Nichols was played for laughs without really being all that funny), I expect ROBOTECH ACADEMY will be more of the same.